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What is “Rent an Actor”

Welcome to “Rent an Actor”! “Rent an Actor” is a documentary-film project that offers the first fiction-agency for private lifes. You can book actors for your everyday life to play people or roles you wish. You can book scenes and stories you wish to happen in your life. 

This agency works for real. The service is for free. Instead your orders will be filmed. The filmed material results in a movie.

For whom is “Rent an Actor”

“Rent an Actor” is really for anybody curious enough to join the game. The wider the range of people the better.

Where does “Rent an Actor” play

The project takes place in several cities worldwide; so far in Berlin, in Tokyo and in Los Angeles.

What kind of scenarios does “Rent an Actor” accept

“Rent an Actor” searches for real longings. “Rent an Actor” is an offer to play in a serious and dedicated way. Once you decided for a scenario, the actor will come to your life in the role you wish. We do not script anything. Your ordered story will develop in an improvised way. It will happen “for real”. 

What does “Rent an Actor” not offer

We do not offer sexual services.

For how long can one book an actor

Anything from a few minutes to several weeks.”Rent an Actor” prefers orders that last longer.

The filmproject

“Rent an Actor” is a project by director Katarina Schröter and camera woman/director Paola Calvo


Please contact us! 

Get inspired…  What clients ordered so far

Emma, 81, Berlin

“I want to order an actress who plays my former best friend Sarah.
We are both 20 and we talk about love and life.
We have coffee, we listen to music
and from time to time we dance a bit.”

Ari, 18, Tokyo

“I want to order a living avatar.
The avatar is my alter ego.
It does the things I don’t dare to do.
While he is out, he will be filmed.
I will sit in my room and watch on the laptop what he did for me.
And what happens then.
Then I will give him new instructions.”

Vanessa, 52, Los Angeles 

“I wonder what it would be like to have a kid.
I know that I will never have one and I don’t regret that, I am much too busy.
But I would like to know what it means to be a mother.
I order the daughter I never had.
She is 25. Her name is Jeanne”



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